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MY LJ is not dead, just dormant, and well just a quick update [Aug. 8th, 2013|03:03 am]
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Hi everyone :)
It's Priscilla
Yes I've not posted in a couple of years, :(  though I hope I can at least post a few updates here, I really have a fond memoery of my LJ because it's even an archive of so old and beloved memories :) in fact I just got nostalgic surfing old entries and even saving some old pics I had forgotten about :)

well I released my  second album last Nov 2011, guess that was the most important new

which is also an illustrated digi-book dvd sized :)

and I renewed all my official site that now is


so if you want to be up to date I recommend you to have a look there :) but be sure I'll be returning here to post the following days :)
and so you can see I'm older

Important question just wondering before embarking to put everything up to date again...
who of my old followers still use Live journal :) ?

please post a reply if so :)
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New videoclip and trailer "Off the Lane" [May. 19th, 2011|02:49 am]
We´re getting closer and closer to the release of The Underliving :)
Now sharing the single "OFF THE LANE" and videoclip

You can buy the single in my website, for only 1 Eur you'll get the instrumental (karaoke) and the song as well as the lyrics.  and you'll be helping to fund the full album that has 16 tracks

More info, demoreel, crowdfunding, trailer and more about the new album at
and keep on interacting with me at my site, twitter, facebook :) or wherever :) spread the word and thanks!

we´re thinking about making a little ustream live concert from my studio... once a month, first test might be in saturday well repost details tomorrow :)
Digital download of "Off the lane" at our store

Also a quick note that we´ve created an account in tumblr

and also in vimeo
so feel free to network with us :)
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New promo trailer of The Underliving [Apr. 28th, 2011|05:02 pm]

We´ve added in videos a promo trailer of  forthcoming and second album "The Underliving" currently in post production.  Eerie, spectral... a veiled world of mystery. You can  also see the video and read more info, demoreel, concept and demo of some other songs at the Underliving section of this site.
You can help me to release this album soon. Share this video with everyone you know and consider to make a small donation, every bit is welcome and helps as I am a totally independent artist. THANK YOU :*** Make it live and help us spread the word! And stay tuned cos first full lenght videoclip  from the Underliving "Off the lane" will premier very very soon!


                                                                                                                   ...from THE UNDERLIVING?

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Welcome to my home studio... [Apr. 19th, 2011|07:58 am]
Posted an entry in my official site blog with pictures of my home studio, lots of them... my cozy working place...
if you're curious visit
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Demo preview of my forthcoming album The Underliving and fundraising [Apr. 16th, 2011|11:41 pm]
I have added a Demo preview for listening with some excerpts of songs of the forthcoming album The Underliving, and also set up a donation page (because sadly kickstarter doesn't allow non us project creator still) with the hope to be able to release it this year in time for Faeriecon with your support. More info (and feedback and encouragement welcome) at The Underliving section in the website. And very soon we´ll launch first promotional videoclip from the album "Off the lane"

Feedback welcome


and rest of the site totally redesigned
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relaunched my official site completely new [Apr. 6th, 2011|09:40 pm]
I decided to mingle my official site, the store and the fanclub in one single website, thus we also updated lots of old information, have add some hitns of the new album The Underliving and have renewed the site entirely... and in the following days i'll be adding more and moren news. :)
You can have a look now to http://www.yidneth.com or in http://www.priscillahernandez.com and bookmark either of those two sites. If you were a user in the fanclub you dont' need to register again, and can simply log in the new site with your old normal or vip account. And well more news to come the following days, so far that we´re going again to Baltimore for the Bad Faery Night Faeriecon Festival.


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Concert in Las Palmas, birthday and new items in the store [Dec. 15th, 2010|07:42 pm]
first, tomorrow i'm one year older :), that means wiser!! :) might not be online as i'm hectic preparing a concert but in advance to all of you for the kind wishes that i've been receiving

then 17th i'll be performing in SALA PARANINFO, las palmas (canary islands, spain) celebrating my birthday in my native islands... along with Hector and Biel in a trio ensemble.
the concert belongs to CANTOS DE MUJER taht gather three women artists, me Maria de Medeiros and Gara Guerra and is sponsored by the Government of the canary islands.

also wanted to say that i've listed some minipaintings and original pendants at the store

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Concert in the Canary islands in December and Original artwork on sale [Nov. 19th, 2010|02:00 pm]
I'll be performing in Las Palmas, Sala Paraninfo next 17th December. +info soon
I've listed some original paintings at my store at affordable prices. An original is always one of a kind and unique, so think about gifting one: Priscilla Hernandez original art on sale

above: cameo blue fairy available at
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Two interviews and launching of a new instruments site [Oct. 19th, 2010|10:55 am]
There are two interviews both featuring information about upcoming album The Underliving currently on recording :)

First in Cyber Angels (Netherlands) txt interview in english

Second RADIO MYSTIC podcast, featuring interviews also to fellow new age artists
eatured interviews are with KORI CAROTHERS, DAVID LANZ, TIM MCGOWAN, JILLIAN AVERSA, HEATH VERCHER, ELU’s JEFF METTLING, PRISCILLA HERNANDEZ and JACE VEK (click the photos below to visit each artist online). WHAT a show this is gang – I know you’re gonna enjoy it – all of these artists are good sports, especially for subjecting themselves to my own personal brand of tortuous humor(!) Be sure to listen for Jillian Aversa’s EXCLUSIVE announcement about her brand new album, and also new album announcemens from practically everyone else

Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.create&editor=True#ixzz12nDzjIDc

We have also launched a new blog and partner site to feature our sponsors and also to talk about music instruments and other cool things about learning to make music :)
Feel free to have a look at

we just have launched, so looking for feedback!
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YOURFANTASYCOSTUME.COM relaunched with new design [Sep. 2nd, 2010|08:13 pm]
Your Fantasy Costume launches with a new design
Getting ready for Halloween we have launched an improved version of my fantasy costuming website


As a performer I created this blog because I was spending a lot of time looking for props and cool things and my foolder of bookmarked links got so huge that decided to make it for fun.

Have a look!
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