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New videoclip and trailer "Off the Lane" - Yidneth's LIVE JOURNAL [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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New videoclip and trailer "Off the Lane" [May. 19th, 2011|02:49 am]
We´re getting closer and closer to the release of The Underliving :)
Now sharing the single "OFF THE LANE" and videoclip

You can buy the single in my website, for only 1 Eur you'll get the instrumental (karaoke) and the song as well as the lyrics.  and you'll be helping to fund the full album that has 16 tracks

More info, demoreel, crowdfunding, trailer and more about the new album at
and keep on interacting with me at my site, twitter, facebook :) or wherever :) spread the word and thanks!

we´re thinking about making a little ustream live concert from my studio... once a month, first test might be in saturday well repost details tomorrow :)
Digital download of "Off the lane" at our store

Also a quick note that we´ve created an account in tumblr

and also in vimeo
so feel free to network with us :)