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Faerie birthday party and learning to saw! [Aug. 27th, 2010|10:42 pm]
Well, you may all know that I like fantasy costumes... in fact I keep a blog about fantasy costumes called YOUR FANTASY COSTUME :) I created a while back to bookmark all the fancy things I like (or would long or crave to buy for my performances hahah). Anyway, as I'm an illustrator I like to draw and design garments... the problem was that despite making some crafts like crowns and some easy customizations I really never had any skill for sewing... yes... not even a button or fixing a sock!!  But last month my friend and designer Alassie (from El Costurero Real) encouraged me and a couple of friends to make a garment for ourselves to attend to her faerie birthday party and for a couple of weeks, all girls gathered on a weekly workshop :) to learn to make our own garment for the party... So it was FUN and we were busy bees and it was so lovely to see that we were creating our own dresses... I felt very accomplished and I know it´s my first and maybe not so perfect (almost hand-made too) but I had never done anything before so I was really proud.

Here´s a pic of my green dress... the skirt will now grow (cos a friend got me a sewing machine as a gift and I'm learning to make things easier) and I definately will make add bits to it, but this is how it looked like :)

I played a few songs with my hammered dulcimer (humble accoustic performance for really lovely friends) including some exerpts of tracks from the following album on the making "The Underliving". My friend Jorge Lamata joined with the guitar in a few... It was really cozy and personal.
and here´s a picture of the other girls and dressed they made for themselves... (by the way, some followed tutorials of making wings posted in your fantasy costume and they made a great work!)

 Above: some of the people attending with their fantasy costumes to the birthday party... isn´t it a cool idea? why not to spice your wedding or your anniversary or a friends meeting with some color, fantasy and fun! We all had a great time... so give it a try... it´s a good excuse to use your fantasy garments!

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Endorsement by Schatten pickups and Ron Ewing dulcimers [Aug. 9th, 2010|02:13 pm]
I'm excited to announce that Ron Ewing (luthier and dulcimer player has endorsed us a Baritone dulcimer made by himself). Most even, he´s come to Barcelona himself to hand it to us... and thus we could even take a picture together and I could listen to his lovely playing to get inspired and encouraged to go on learning this lovely instrument.

Again thanks to Ron and all the ones that have supported us with instruments, i'm setting up a page for you all coming up soon

baritone dulcimer and dulcimette

More about Ron Ewing Dulcimers here:

We´ve also been endorsed by Schatten pickups. I had purchased a pickup for my hammered dulcimer a while back, but they've gently provided endorsement for a couple of pickups for my new lap dulcimer. Testing it, it all sounds so clear. Schatten is specialized in pickups for folk and accoustic instruments, and they work so perfect! really happy. Reorganizing all the studio, shall post some pictures of it all soon.

thanks also to some spontaneous friends that have sent us a few percussion things and unused instruments... they´re welcome. :) please contact me if you have something getting dust on your wall!:)

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Making musical instruments happy. [Jul. 26th, 2010|12:37 pm]
If you have an instrument that YOU DON'T PLAY and it's getting dust in a wall, consider to donate it to us and make it happy! :) I may get sound out of it!! If you think you have something we could use or play that is just there being an ornament in your attic (your old student violin, lever harp, drum, whichever... let us know) Of any device that could make a musical sound to sample.
Thank you!
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THE DARK CRYSTAL ost cover with double ocarina flute [Jul. 22nd, 2010|10:45 pm]

The Dark Crystal is my favorite movie (and soundtrack) ever. I was blessed as a child given this new world and realm of magic for my heart. Thanks to Brian and Wendy Froud http://worldoffroud.com for designing and also to Jim Henson for creating such piece of art. Thanks Charlie Hind for encouraging me to learn to play the double ocarina (such a challenge!). With gratitude"

Priscilla Hernandez

Filmed in June 2010, by Hector Corcin at Colliford Lake Park, Cornwall, UK.
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Some original pieces on sale and Lisa Stock's Titania [May. 13th, 2010|01:01 pm]
my friend Lisa Stock will be shooting a prequel to her long planned fantasy movie Titania next early june, thus she made a fundraising (promoted even by author Neil Gaiman) to be able to cover the expenses for filming such prequel. I'll be contributing myself with a little song (a reprise of my old song "flying" specially designed for the trailer).
There are only a few days left to go and she needs to archieve the goal to be able to collect the money.
a href=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/LisaStock/titania>

I'm planning about making a fundraising for Underliving later in the summer, but meanwhile i'm making "one of a kind" pendants and selling some original minipaintings so I'm covering the recording of the project.

Spring tribal fairy
a href=http://priscillahernandez.yidnethfanclub.com/en/producto/tribal-spring-fairy-original-minipainting>
One of a kind "The fair maiden" pendant

One of a kind "Queen of hearts" pendant

And other affordable pendants in the store

Still looking for a violin player/percussion based in Spain
Aún buscando violinista/percusionista en España.
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New review and interview [Apr. 13th, 2010|10:06 pm]
Back from Canterbury /kent/ magical and faerie festival, had a lovely time staying with singer-songwriter Kim Thompsett :) jamming around with her and Biel, my band's cellist :)
a picture of some fairy troopers!

new review and interviews
Quick note that i'm adding some new cameos, pendants and staff into my store. There's also the magazine MAGICAL TIMES 2nd anniversary edition with a four page interview (full color) that I'm now selling there (under shop/books and magazines)

Thanks to the staff of el ESCAPARARTE (Málaga, Spain) for the in depth review of my album Ancient Shadows and a full interview.
You can read them here


Also updates on Totonika, she gave us such a big scare....!!! :(
but she's back and safe, her story:
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My new band member [Mar. 29th, 2010|05:01 pm]
I think Totonika wants to be the new band member... she loves the lap dulcimer... what do you think? LOL,she has to be the cutest hamster ever... :). It feels good to take care of something alive again, after Kira I had no pets for a while :) (craving to have a dog in the future), meanwhile Totonika has already a piece of my heart :)
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FANTASY ART COLLECTION book already available and upcoming fest [Mar. 22nd, 2010|12:47 am]
around to tell you that I have some copies of the book FANTASY ART COLLECTION where I'm featured with another 16 fairy/fantasy artists... the book is BEAUTIFUL, embossed hard cover (courtesy of artist Sheila Wolk), over 200 pages of fairy tale and fantasy illustrations, artist biographies and glossy paper... they even smell good!! hmm! I love new books.

If you live in USA you better try any other of the featured artists living there, or buy directly from the book store

If you happen to be en Europe, I have a very LIMITED ammount of copies myself. I make no profit selling them cos I already imported them plus the shipping (and they are really HEAVY) but wanted to have a little stock closer to my spanish and european followers if interested. If so just to let you know they'll be listed at my store in the following days I'll get back to update with a link

and here are a few pics of the book I took just an hour ago ! :)

If you live in UK i'm going to have a little stock at this festival next 2nd of April
I'll be making a small performance, very simple but with great spirit, me at the piano, dulcimer and low whistle, Biel Fiol at the cello and fellow singer-songwriter Kim thompsett at guitar/backing vocals. See you there!
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Interview at EMG zine [Mar. 2nd, 2010|10:00 pm]
Interview at EMG-ZINE artist spotlight of March 2010 (thank you Constanza and also for all my friend for your lovely messages, it was a touching surprise to read them, it made my day)
real interview at:
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One of a kind cameo painting on sale [Feb. 28th, 2010|08:25 pm]
This is one of a kind. An original minipainting "Priestress fairy" handpainted by myself with ink and mounted in an antique silver-plated cameo. Overall color is black, sepia blue-gray, it has a warm quality to it. The most affordable way to get an original of mine and you can wear it too!!. Photo is a bit light, the drawing shows more vibrant and stunning in natural. Due to the process these cameo are made, some bubble or imperfections may appear but that's the uniqueness precisely. The cameo is rather big (40x30 mm) to showcase the original painting protected by an acrylic transparent cabochon featuring an altive fairy with a feather hat. Cameo comes with a chain but will adapt easily into a shorter choker. As it's handpainted there will never be two originals of the same kind!, any use of this drawing would be a reproduction and not the original anymore so Go and grab it now! certified as original by the artist. Available at this price only for a limited time. Remember the drawing inside IS NOT A REPRODUCTION, it's a truely original All other cameos or reproductions with this drawing will be reproductions, this is the very and unique handpainted original.

You can purchase it here

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