Priscilla Hernández: singer songwritter

16 December
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My name is Priscilla Hernández, I'm a singer-songwritter from Spain. I compose ethereal goth and bitter lulabies, with a soft new age background. I also illustrate for rpg and fanzines. My favourite movie is the dark crystal and into the labyrinth. I collect illustrated fairytales, which dark side has always attracted me alot. I'm quite fond of victorian writers, being my favourite book the ghost tales by M.R. James. During teenagerhood I loved and I still do love lotr of course, but I have a deeper taste for goth literature, James, Lovecraft, and other masters of horror.

You can listen to my music in my official site
http://www.yidneth.com, there you can read much more about me


Actually I'm recording my next cd-release ANCIENT SHADOWS, i've been offered a record deal quite a few times, but all of them were against the spirit of my music, some considering me a mere vocalist and not a composer, so I had to refuse them. Although I'm still seeking a label that believes in MY WORKS I have started to prepare a self-release on my own, hopefully to be released late this year. You can listen to two of the songs to be included on the cd "BUT IF YOU GO" and "AHORA QUE TE HAS IDO" at mp3.yidneth.com. If you want to help me, I opened a donation page, so my friends, fans, listeners and supporters can contribute. You can read thoroughly about it (and the reasons why I've chosen this way) here, thank u very much: